Stop LinkedIn Spam. Help a Charity

Mute is a free and simple way to stop the avalanche of cold messages on LinkedIn, just pick a charity you're passionate about and we'll do the rest, it's as simple as that.

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Say goodbye to unwanted LinkedIn messages.

Mute stops unwanted messages easily reaching your Inbox. Use Mute to convert a former source of stress into a positive act of conscious giving to a charity of your choice.

Excel sheets and google docs are just silos of data.

Manually creating reports that just sit on your computer isn't going to work anymore. Get complete oversight of all connected social profiles from a single platform.

Give Context. What is the cause of this problem?

Talk about the things that cause this problem. This shows the user that you actually understand the problem and empathize with them about their situation.

Give Context. What is the cause of this problem?

Talk about the things that cause this problem. This shows the user that you actually understand the problem and empathize with them about their situation.

We help you stay in control of your inbox

How it works

You receive an unsolicited message
Mute cleans your inbox from messages you don't want to receive and helps keep the ones that are important in there so they can stay at hand when needed!
Mute detects the message
With Mute, you'll have an easy way of keeping out those pesky spam messages and other unwanted emails without sacrificing any potential opportunities for success!
The sender is invited to donate to a charity you select.
After making your requested donation on their behalf, you'll receive their message in your inbox!

Help a Non Profit you love

With Mute, you can place a gatekeeper between unsolicited messages and your inbox, making it so people that want to reach out to you have to donate to charity. Help a good cause by donating to charity every time someone reaches out to you.

Select from hundreds of nonprofits

Filter your inbox through a positive act of conscious giving to charity.

"A 360 degree view of all my projects."

"SaasBox lets us create a month’s worth of content in one week for our clients, allowing us to spend the rest of the month engaging and optimizing.”

Sophia Thompson, Founder & CEO, Socially
more followers within a month
Return on Investment

"Helps me stay on top of all marketing."

"With SaasBox, I can have a clear view of all metrics and analytics to make necessary changes in my marketing strategies. I am able to catch up with current trends and manage all our social media channels without too much effort."

Elle Rabe, co-founder, Falcon
more followers within a month
Return on Investment

Customer X achieved 14x ROI in the first month !

Explain how the customer was in a similar situation as your user, struggling with similar problems. Talk about their transition to your product and the outcome: how it solved their problems and helped them achieve their goals.

Lisa Hayden
Primary Result Stat
Return on Investment

An all-in-one social media management platform for all your needs.

Reiterate primary outcome
Build strong online communities with our customer care tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
Plan your posts in advance
Devise a publishing strategy and organize posts across profiles, networks and campaigns witha visualized calendar.
Make the most out of your data
Measure the metrics that matter with custom, auto-generated, exhaustive reports. Use actionable insights to boost your ROI.
Get analytics on latest trends.
Keep up with trends every single day. Gather feedback to help strategise new product, service and content ideas.

End the avalanche of automated messages

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